Amásání (The Grandmother)

English and Navajo with English subtitles.

When Riley gets suspended from school, her mother sends her to spend a day with her grandmother. Although Riley is resistant at first, the loving and strong nature of her grandmother opens Riley’s world as she learns something new about her Diné culture and language. Director Stacy Howard was born and raised on the Navajo Nation in Mexican Water, Arizona.

Themes: language, family, cultural preservation, traditional


No dialogue.

In order to trap wild birds, poachers spread a sticky substance called ‘birdlime’ on tree branches. This rich stop motion animation depicts a feathered friend’s journey to freedom while trapped in a cage.

Themes: birds, technology, friendship, trust

Advisory: The conditions that the birds are kept in may be upsetting to some viewers.


Clean Your Room!

A stubborn girl refuses to clean her room. Little does she know that the shadows cast by her bedroom clutter are food for the dreaded shadow monster who lives in her closet.

Note: Directors Sophie Jarvis and Alicia Eisen will be in attendance for a Q&A

Themes: toys, friends, family, responsibility


No dialogue.

What came first: the chicken or the egg? We may never know, but we do know that when new ideas hatch, they have the potential to grow into something remarkable. In Dan (the Mandarin word for egg), the evolution of a rooster illustrates a journey, which may not end up being what it was expected to be.

Note: Director Chloe Xi Hua will be in attendance for a Q&A

Themes: inspiration, animals, expectation

Earth: One Amazing Day



*The Opening Party will be held in the VIFF Vancity Theatre atrium, after the screening, entrance is included with a valid ticket from the film  (April 8). Representatives from the film will be available via Skype to answer your questions.*

The long-awaited sequel to BBC Earth Film’s Earth is narrated by Academy Award® winner Robert Redford.

Floating Light

After being forced to return early from summer camp, Dana and Sam find themselves in the midst of their late grandfather's Buddhist funeral ceremony. Death and loss are treated with respect and sadness as the girls ponder the purpose of life and what their grandfather meant to them. Floating Light was awarded the BC Student Shortwork Award at Whistler Film Festival. 

Note: Director Natalie Murao will be in attendance for a Q&A

Themes: family, death, tradition, meaning of life


Local Michif filmmaker Amanda Strong used shadow puppetry and stop motion animation to tell the story of Thunder, an Indigenous student combating the massive influence of European settlers in North America.

Themes: colonialism, cultural preservation

Fox and the Whale

No dialogue.

A curious fox goes in search of an elusive whale--though the trappings of a traditional narrative do not apply here. Through astral planes and wild landscapes which conjure wonder and awe, the fox finds itself in a strange yet familiar setting, contemplating what it all means. Fox and the Whale is shortlisted for an Academy Award.

Themes: animals, meaning of existence, searching

How to Make Hamburgers

No dialogue.

The title says it all. Stop motion wizard Alexander Unger makes a delectable burger out of plasticine in this simple, but to the point, mixed media assemblage of ingredients. 

Themes: food, animate anything

How Tommy Lemenchick Became a Grade 7 Legend

Ophelia is an eleven year old living with a complex: she’s never been kissed. Luckily she's got a plan. First, find a suitable candidate. Second, orchestrate a situation that leads to a kiss. Tommy Lemenchick is obsessed with video games--maybe Ophelia picked the wrong boy to kiss, or maybe not.

Themes: comedy, video games, rumors