Tuesday, April 10, 2018 - 12:00
Saturday, April 14, 2018 - 14:00
VIFF Vancity Theatre
1181 Seymour St.
$10 adult; $7 child, youth, senior; $5 each for groups of 10 or more
Meikeminne Clinckspoor
Netherlands, Sweden, Belgium

In Dutch, Swedish and Sami with English subtitles*


Twelve-year-old Niilas is a resourceful city kid who leads a privileged life with his dad in Belgium. He hasn’t seen his mother for over a decade. She lives with a new spouse and kids among their reindeer in her Sápmi homeland in rural Northern Sweden. Against his will, Niilas is sent to spend summer vacation with his mom.

Compounded by the fact that he feels abandoned, the constant daylight of the North is disorienting and the reindeer make him extremely uneasy. To his detriment, Niilas retreats from everyone, including his dad, and stubbornly won’t drop his guard. Unable to process his feelings, he runs out on his mom, and finds himself curious about the reindeer. By accident the herd escapes, and a calf’s mother goes missing. Without his mother’s milk the calf will surely die, and Niilas feels responsible. A vital source of life for the Sami people, reindeer provide food, clothing, transportation, and other forms of sustenance. Learning to lasso a reindeer is a sacred rite of passage for the Sami. When receiving a reindeer, one is responsible for ensuring its safety. Feeling remorseful for causing so much distress, and with a little help from his siblings, Niilas sets out in search of the missing reindeer. The kids end up on a harrowing adventure through Lapland’s scenic and tranquil terrain.

Recommended for ages 9+

Themes: nature, Indigenous language, cultural appreciation, family, self-reflection

Content Advisory: one instance of slapping and shoving; a boy almost drowns

Classification: G

Note: This film screens as part of our  program for grades 4-7.

*Are you new to subtitled films? Don't worry! A limited number of VocalEye headsets are available for those who would prefer to have subtitles read aloud by an experienced reader. Please inquire to reserve headsets for your class at the time of booking.


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Meikeminne Clinckspoor attended the Film School KASK (2004) in Belgium, where she graduated in 2009, after a completing a theatre education in Amsterdam prior to film school. For her grad project at KASK, she completed the short film The Wishing Tree, which was picked up by Jekino Distribution, a Belgian distributor known for quality children’s films. Cloudboy is Clinckspoor’s first feature, and is widely considered a festival circuit darling this year. She’s written and directed several other shorts for children, the most recent was Ki, which premiered at Cinekid 2015. Cinekid is widely considered the largest and most reputable children’s film festival in Europe. 

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