Talent Lab provides an opportunity to introduce students to an entire universe of exciting, diverse, and ingenious storytelling from around the world. R2R’s programmer travels around the world in order to bring Vancouver audiences the best of the best. Our goal is to cultivate an understanding and appreciation of global cultures and perspectives. Join us for a feature length film, followed by a Q&A with the filmmaker, a discussant, or one of our programmers. A study guide is provided for each film. 

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Speak Up 

(À voix haute - La force de la parole)

Country: France
Length: 95 min
Recommended for grades 8-12.
In French with English subtitles.

With the art of speech comes influence and power. In this moving, funny, and tightly edited documentary, the students of Saint-Denis are encouraged to find their voice. With the help of coaches, poets, and educators, they discover that language is one of the most powerful weapons anyone can have. Public speaking allows the speaker to make a stand for all. “Most of [these students] have never spoken in public, but by the time the film is over, they could give Charles de Gaulle a run for his money.” -Hollywood Reporter

Themes: politics, poverty, family, feminism, freedom of speech

Classification: PG


Princess Cyd

FRIDAY, APRIL 13 | 10:00 AM

Country: USA
Length: 96min
Recommended for grades 9-12.


Miranda agrees to host her niece Cyd in Chicago. As an accomplished writer, Miranda lives in the house she grew up in with her sister, Cyd’s departed mother. Interested in sports and her cell phone, Cyd is decidedly not a reader. As Cyd and her aunt challenge each other on everything from spirituality to sex, confrontation is unavoidable. Nuanced and inspired, Princess Cyd embodies the positivity, richness and complexity that women and sexuality deserve.

Themes: family, gender identity, sexuality, mental health, literature and poetry, suicide, love

Advisory: Underage alcohol consumption at a gathering of family and friends, with the consent of a guardian; smoking marijuana; some sexually suggestive scenes; suggested physical violence toward a young person.

Classification: 14A


The Talk: True Stories About the Birds & the Bees
Alain Delannoy | Canada | 2016 | 9 mins

Using a mix of hand drawn images, photographs, computer generated images, as well as stop-motion animated toys and props, the teenage memories of several individuals have been caringly recreated. Presenting the awkwardness of one of life’s strangest occurrences, The Talk has won numerous awards at international festivals, including: Hot Docs, AFI Docs, and Tribeca Film Festival.


A Silent Voice

(Koe no katachi)

FRIDAY, APRIL 13 | 12:00 PM
Country: Japan
Length: 129min
Recommended for grades 8-12.
In Japanese with English subtitles.

Shoko is a new transfer student, and the first deaf person Shoya has ever met. His bullying and harmful taunting forces Shoko to transfer to another middle school. Now in high school, and remorseful, Shoya seeks redemption for his shameful past. Yamada’s work is that exceptional form of anime which invites audiences into a personal, intricate, and intensely realistic portrait of the human condition. A Silent Voice dares us to empathize with the unfortunate behavior of a struggling teenager.

Themes: guilt, anti-bullying, suicide, friendship, making amends, self-reflection, peer-pressure, coming of age, socioeconomic status and class distinction, regret

Advisory: A hearing aid is ripped out of place, causing a girl’s ears to bleed; students get into a physical altercation; two characters contemplate suicide.

Classification: PG

Contact education@r2rfestival.org to register your class. Bookings will be handled on a first-come first-served basis. We accept registrations from school groups, home learners and individual elementary school students with a guardian, and individual high school students with school and parental consent.

Talent Lab includes a feature film and a study guide for pre-registered school groups. 

Download the High School Program Flyer



$5 Film (per student, with a group of 10 or more)

Please note: We encourage you to check your calendar for conflicts prior to registration. R2R requires a minimum of two weeks notice in order to cancel your registration and offer a full refund. This applies to all school groups.

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