Youth Media Conference, Expo & Showcase


An inspiring day of interactive discussion, provocative films, and virtual reality, YMC builds student confidence and illuminates pressing issues. Over the course of a full day, students will encounter fresh points of view and discover emerging forms of digital expression. Participants will discover the power of speaking up, and using their voice to drive creative change in their community.

10:00 AM - 3:00 PM (lunch break from 11:00 AM - 11:40 AM) 
YFS  | 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM (please RSVP if your group or part of your group is staying for YFS)
A Silent Voice | 6:30 PM (tickets sold separately; regular ticket and group rates apply)

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Digital Literacy - The Power of Speech
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Enabling citizens to be socially responsible as both creators and consumers of digital media is vital to our democracy. R2R gives students the tools they need to be socially engaged and address hot-button issues with confidence.

During this interactive presentation, media educator Tash King will examine how digital technologies have reshaped concepts of credibility, authority, and verification. Students will discuss the proliferation of “fake news” in both mainstream and social media. Consideration will be given to media designed to influence public opinion, including: sponsored content, propaganda, and disinformation.


New Perspectives: Speak Up*
11:45 AM & 1:20 PM

Note: This screening is also part of Talent Lab. Tickets can be purchased separately.

Encountering a new point of view can be a profound experience. Students apply what they’ve learned during the morning presentation to ideas developed in Speak Up, a rousing documentary which premiered at the 55th New York Film Festival.

With the art of speech comes significant influence and power. In this moving, funny, and tightly edited documentary, the students of Saint-Denis are encouraged to find their voice. “Most have [...] never spoken in public, but by the time the film is over, they could give Charles de Gaulle a run for his money.” --Hollywood Reporter

This program is a complement to Digital Literacy: The Power of Speech at 10:00 AM.

Themes: politics, poverty, family, feminism, freedom of speech


Behind the Scenes Career Expo & VR-Domain*

11:45 AM & 1:20 PM

Break through the fourth wall and discover the multitude of career opportunities that await. Students will speak one-on-one with industry reps, post secondary recruiters, unions and guilds, and other professionals about career planning in Vancouver’s flourishing film, television, and media industries. New this year, be sure to check out our VR-Domain. World class immersive experiences will be showcased during the conference. Let’s get virtual! 

VR Domain is presented with the generous support of:


10th Annual Youth Filmmakers Showcase  
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Celebrating 10 years, YFS spotlights the storytelling skills of emerging talent in BC. Ranging from the political to the personal, this program is sure to inspire students to pick up a camera. Adjudicated by industry professionals, this screening of shorts is followed by an awards presentation. Some of the prizes include: a Gear Base camera rental package, professional actor headshots, Toon Boom animation software, or a place in The Cinematheque’s Indie Filmmakers Lab! There’s also an audience award for the most popular film. Be sure to come and cast your vote for the audience award.

YFS is included in the day-long Youth Media Conference. Participants are encouraged to attend the Behind the Scenes Expo prior to the showcase to see world class Virtual Reality. See school programs for details.

Note: Please let us know by April 10 if your pre-registered students will stay for this screening.


A Silent Voice
6:30 PM

Note: Tickets to this screening can be purchased separately. Regular ticket and group rates apply.

Shoko is a new transfer student, and the first deaf person Shoya has ever met. His bullying and harmful taunting forces Shoko to transfer to another middle school. Now in high school, and remorseful, Shoya seeks redemption for his shameful past. Yamada’s work is that exceptional form of anime which invites audiences into a personal, intricate, and intensely realistic portrait of the human condition. A Silent Voice dares us to empathize with the unfortunate behavior of a struggling teenager.



Recommended for grades 8-12

The full-day day’s conference is $10 a student. Pre-registration is required.

To register your class, contact: education [@]
To register a booth, contact: office [@]

Please note: We encourage you to check your calendar for conflicts prior to registration. R2R requires a minimum of two weeks notice in order to cancel your registration and offer a full refund, this applies to all school groups and individual registrations.

*Students attending the 11:45 AM New Perspectives: Speak Up screening will participate in the Behind the Scenes Expo at 1:20 PM. Students participating in the Behind the Scenes Expo at 11:45 AM will attend the New Perspectives: Speak Up screening at 1:20 PM.

School program activities end at 3:00 PM. However, students are welcome to attend the Youth Filmmakers Showcase at 4:00 PM (please confirm when registering). The Behind the Scenes Expo is open to the public from 3:00 - 4:00 PM.



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