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A Silent Voice

In Japanese with English subtitles 

Shoko Nishimiya is a new transfer student, and the first deaf person Shoya Ishida has ever met. He immediately labels Shoko as a burden because of her disability. After being physically harmed by Shoya’s taunts, Shoko is moved to another school. Five years later, now a senior in high school, Shoya has lost whatever ‘popularity’ he may have gained from being a bully in elementary. As the only child to a single mother, Shoya now lives in severe shame of his past, caused by years of ostracization by his peers. Finding very little will to live, Shoya resolves to reconcile his missteps by attempting to reconnect with Shoko, believing he might one day be worthy of redemption in her eyes.


In Dutch, Swedish and Sami with English subtitles*


Twelve-year-old Niilas is a resourceful city kid who leads a privileged life with his dad in Belgium. He hasn’t seen his mother for over a decade. She lives with a new spouse and kids among their reindeer in her Sápmi homeland in rural Northern Sweden. Against his will, Niilas is sent to spend summer vacation with his mom.

Earth: One Amazing Day



*The Opening Party will be held in the VIFF Vancity Theatre atrium, after the screening, entrance is included with a valid ticket from the film  (April 8). Representatives from the film will be available via Skype to answer your questions.*

The long-awaited sequel to BBC Earth Film’s Earth is narrated by Academy Award® winner Robert Redford.

High Fantasy


Though apartheid formally ended in 1991, the weight of South Africa’s colonial roots persist today. Lexi and a group of new friends embark on a road trip to her grandfather’s farm. On the way it’s revealed that generations ago Lexi’s white family stole swaths of land from black South Africans. Tensions escalate as they explore the outcomes of the country’s racist past. After an uncomfortable night in the tent, they awake to learn that they’ve mysteriously switched bodies and are now confronted with another person’s lived reality. Literally and figuratively inhabiting the discomfort of the unfamiliar, each person learns more than they expect about the other’s experience.

Princess Cyd


Critics have noted that writer/director Stephen Cone has crafted the most underrated film of the year, and R2R concurs! The Chicago-based director has also garnered comparisons to the late Jonathan Deme.

Sixteen-year-old Cyd’s estranged aunt Miranda agrees to host her in Chicago over the summer. Miranda lives the low key life of an accomplished author, and is tethered to the home she grew up in with her sister, Cyd's departed mother. Decidedly not a reader, Cyd is completely oblivious to her aunt’s success. Instead, she is tethered to her phone and interested in soccer. Despite not knowing much about one another, a comforting familial intimacy soon develops.

Speak Up

In French with English subtitles


It is purely the luck of the draw to be born with the gifts of a natural orator. Or is it? Though not everyone possesses the talents to express themselves with eloquence, such abilities can be taught. And with those abilities comes the kind of influence and power that a writer could only dream of. Yet there is no value in the art of persuasion if one does not understand what one is saying. Each year, over the course of six dedicated weeks, students from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines prepare for a showdown in the suburbs of Paris, ramping up to a rousing denouement: the prestigious Eloquentia tournament. The winner will hold the title of ‘Best Public Speaker’.


In Spanish with English subtitles*


Over 400 years ago British privateer Sir Francis Drake led expeditions through much of the Americas. Eventually, he landed in Barra de Potosí, off the Pacific coast of Mexico, where today two environmental scientists are living and doing research with their children. Six-year-old Dylan is enjoying this tropical getaway, whereas his older sister Andrea misses her home. In a small beach-side classroom, Jacinta and the other students welcome the siblings to join fun, hands-on lessons about baby sea turtles, crabs, birds, whales, and other fauna and flora indigenous to the environment.

Village Rockstars

In Assamese with English Subtitles 


Living in Chayagaon village in India’s northeast state of Assam, Dhunu is an observant and precocious young girl with ambitious dreams. She longs to play a real guitar and is mindful that she deserves the same privilege as the boys in her village. The kids host pretend concerts with their homemade styrofoam guitars, commanding the spotlight on their makeshift stage.